Paul Stanley Says The Most Fortunate People In Life Are Those Who Get To Love Someone And Be Loved In Return


Paul Stanley, who is the co-founder and guitarist of KISS, wanted to share some insightful messages on social media and took his official Twitter account to do so.

In the post, Paul touched upon the importance of love by saying that the most fortunate person is the one who get to love someone and be loved in return, and shared a meaningful message for Valentine’s Day.

Furthermore, Paul wished that all of the people would found a person who makes them feel blessed without their needing approval of your choice or orientation.

In this way, Paul revealed that love is the most important thing about life and said that there is nothing more meaningful than love. With this kind message, Paul earned the respect of the community yet again.

Here is what Paul Stanley wrote:

“No one in life is more fortunate than those who get to love someone & be loved in return. My wish is that you find or have found that person who makes you feel blessed without your needing approval of your choice or orientation. Love is love & there’s nothing more meaningful.”

You can check out the post below.