Paul Stanley Says Rob Halford Is The True Metal God

KISS guitarist Paul Stanley recently shared his photo with Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford on Twitter. Stanley called Halford the ‘True Metal God’ in the tweet.

Rob Halford has made an enormous impact on the metal scene with his powerful and wide-range voice, especially as the lead vocalist of Judas Priest. Several awards praised his unique style, including the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 2010. Many magazines and music critics have put him among the most influential musicians in the metal scene.

The fans have always praised his singing voice and stage style. Furthermore, they gave Halford the nickname ‘Metal God’ after the Judas Priest’s 1980 release entitled ‘British Steel,’ which gained considerable commercial success. As Halford revealed previously, he also trademarked this nickname by pointing out how he respected the fans who gave it to him.

Metal God has received a lot of tributes not only from the fans but also from fellow musicians. In the previous months, John 5 resembled Halford to a robot regarding his flawless singing voice. Pantera’s Phil Anselmo was another name that revealed that he took inspiration from the Judas Priest vocalist.

Recently, Halford has received praise from a name in the rock scene. KISS’ Paul Stanley shared his photo with Halford from the backstage of Barcelona show on Twitter. In the tweet, Stanley defined his old friend as theTrue Metal God.’ Furthermore, the KISS guitarist praised Judas Priest by mentioning they did an excellent job as usual in the show.

Paul Stanley wrote in his tweet:

“Backstage at the Barcelona show with my old friend and the True Metal God, Rob Halford. The Priest was awesome as usual.”

You can see the tweet below.