Paul McCartney Shares His Favorite Memory Of John Lennon Displayed In ‘Get Back’

The Beatles legend Paul McCartney shared the fond moments he shared with John Lennon in a recent interview with his personal website and revealed the one that has become his favorite.

It could be said that Beatlemania was reignited when Peter Jackson’s docu-series ‘The Beatles: Get Back‘ was released in November 2021. The audience was given a chance to peek into the Beatles’ lives, the fun and the sometimes challenging dynamic between the band members, and their most private moments. The documentary reflected what the band had gone through while being on top of the world.

The docu-series differed from the previous Beatles documentaries in terms of content. It showed the reality behind the curtains and what it was like backstage. For instance, it touched on the sensitive subject of George Harrison’s resignation from the band and what followed after the painful process. Paul McCartney also had his own emotional moments, as he recalled old memories and opened up about many past wounds.

‘Get Back’ became a hit among the fans and was also widely appreciated by critics. It was nominated for five Emmy Awards and is now often regarded as ‘the best Beatles documentary of all time.’ It is insightful, joyous, and at times, brutal. The show made it easy for the fans to empathize with their favorites.

In a recent interview with his personal website, the legendary vocalist discussed his perspective on the documentary. When asked about the moment that brought up a smile to his face, McCartney revealed some personal moments between him and his bandmate John Lennon. Among them was the touching memory of him and Lennon having fun singing their songs and Lennon dancing, which seems to be Macca’s favorite memory of the late icon.

McCartney recalled:

“There were quite a few smiles: me and John goofing around on ‘Two of Us’ acting like ventriloquists and singing through our teeth; me and John goofing around on ‘Bathroom Window’ where we start ringing Tuesday – ‘Hello Tuesday!’ – that was nice. But the one that immediately comes to mind is John dancing – just seeing him dancing. It’s very cute, and he was actually a really good mover!”

You can watch the trailer of the docu-series on YouTube below.