Paramore’s Hayley Williams Names The Beyonce Song She Can’t Stop Crying To

Hayley Williams cries to a Beyonce song whenever she listens to it.

Paramore singer took to Instagram and shared the ten albums she has been listening to as a celebration of Record Store Day. One of those albums included Beyonce’s most recent release, ‘Cowboy Carter.’ She revealed the song from the album that makes both her and her mother cry:

“I cry at the same part of ‘American Requiem,’ every time. Showed my mom and she got chills around the same time. When Beyonce sings, ‘If you ain’t got no grits get the f*ck up out the south,’ I feel the kind of Southern pride that exists — subversively — amongst hatred and fear.”

Williams’ Love For Beyonce

The Paramore singer’s love for Beyonce isn’t limited to just a song. Paramore once covered the singer’s 2011 song, ‘I Miss You.’

When the band stopped in Houston on July 11 during their North American tour last year, Williams honored Beyoncé by singing an acapella version of the song. She gave it her own twist during their gig at the Toyota Center as an homage to Beyonce.

After that, Paramore played Williams’ solo track, ‘Crystal Clear,’ from her debut solo album ‘Petals For Armor.’

You can see Williams’ Instagram story below.

Credit: Hayley Williams – Instagram