Ozzy Osbourne’s Wife Sharon Slams Russell Brand

Sharon Osbourne recently commented on comedian Russel Brand’s alleged assault and abuse against several different women during the height of his fame from the mid-00s to early 2010s.

Osbourne and her family appeared on Talk TV and chatted with Piers Morgan, as Sharon criticized Brand’s bragging in 2006 about sleeping with Rod Stewart’s daughter, Kimberly. She discussed:

“The only thing I can say about Russell Brand is the two things I don’t like, was when he spoke about… one of them is a very good friend of ours, Kimberley Stewart, about what he had done to Kimberley Stewart in front of [Rod].”

She then mentioned how the comedian had done the same bragging right in front of another rocker and father:

“And then he did the same with Sir Bob Geldof… You just don’t do that to to people’s families, when that father is in the room. He’s done it twice now and that’s the thing that sticks with me.”

Brand had a relationship with Geldof’s daughter, Peaches, and, reportedly, after he’d bragged about his relationship and made fun of Bob’s last name in front of an audience, the rocker called Brand ‘a c*nt.’

Stewart also confronted Russell in 2006, as the rocker called out the comedian after his claims regarding having slept with Kimberly. However, after Sir Rod’s slamming, Brand took a step back and debunked his own claims regarding getting intimate with the young Stewart.