Ozzy Osbourne Drummer Discusses What He Learned From Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, And Ozzy

Ozzy Osbourne and The Dead Daisies drummer, Tommy Clufetos recalled his memories during the final tours of the legendary heavy metal band, Black Sabbath. Clufetos also shared what he learned from Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, and Rob Zombie in his interview with Kaaos TV.

As you may remember, Black Sabbath wanted to record one last studio album, but they changed their ideas and decided to start their final tour entitled The End Tour. The Farewell tour started in January 2016 and the final concert was performed on 4 February 2017, in Birmingham. Clufetos shared what he felt about playing the drums for Black Sabbath.

He knew that people didn’t want him to be in the band and they would prefer to see Bill Ward. However, he thought that he performed very well and was admired by the audience more and more in time. Apart from Black Sabbath, Cluefetos also played with different music legends such as Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and Ozzy Osbourne. He stated that he learned a lot of things from them while he was playing the drums.

Tommy Clufetos felt very lucky to work with different legends of music. He also regarded himself as a sponge that was trying to absorb the attitudes, characteristics, and tricks of Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and Ozzy Osbourne. During playing for them, he realized that he should be open to challenges. In addition, he learned that he could be both a charismatic and funny figure at the same time and he wanted to make people feel every time when he was hitting a cymbal.

Here’s what he told:

“I’ve learned a lot of things. I’ve always tried to be a sponge when I’m working with people, even from the earliest years because I was always playing with people who are older than me and better than me.

And when you do that, you either go the other way and you put down your instrument eventually, or you rise to the challenge. So I always tried to rise to the challenge and at the same time keep myself open to what’s going on, what makes these guys great.

And just by being with certain people, you learn, you put little tricks in your pocket. Ozzy’s funny, he’s charismatic, and he can make you laugh, and just him smiling, you go, Yes, Ozzy!”

He went on:

“But a lot of people don’t understand how clever he is, or how talented he is. I’ve heard him sing on top of a riff that had no vocals, and you go, man, this riff is no good, this is kind of very mediocre, there’s no way this will work…

But when he sings on top of it, it’s like, holy shit, now it’s music! So when you’re in that kind of greatness, when you’re playing with Tony Iommi and he can just hit one chord and destroy every other guitar player out there, just by hitting one chord.

You go, I want to do that with my drums. When I hit a cymbal, I want to mean it, and I want people to feel it.

You can watch the video below.

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