Oli Sykes Credits Slipknot For Bring Me The Horizon’s Existence

Bring Me To Horizon frontman Oli Sykes gave an interview to Knotfest in an IGTV video. In the interview, the musician noted that his band exists because of Slipknot.

Formed in 2004, Bring Me To Horizon released their debut album ‘Count Your Blessings’ in 2006. Although the band’s later albums were considered metalcore, this album’s style was primarily deathcore. Moreover, after their fifth album, they also shifted to a less aggressive rock music sound and experimented with other genres.

The band also released a deluxe edition of ‘Count Your Blessing,’ which included a cover of Slipknot’s ‘Eyeless’ as a bonus track. The cover was originally recorded for Kerrang’s cover CD ‘Higher Voltage: Another Brief History of Rock,’ which was released in June 2007.

Speaking about the ‘Eyeless’ cover, Oli Sykes stated in the IGTV video that they wanted to show their respect to Slipknot and show the direction they planned to follow with the song. He then praised Slipknot by mentioning their contribution to heavy music and said they all love the iconic metal band. Following that, Sykes revealed that BMTH wouldn’t be here if Slipknot didn’t exist.

Commenting on their ‘Eyeless’ cover, Oli Sykes stated in Knotfest’s IGTV interview that:

“I think it was for a Kerrang! covers… man, it was so long ago now. I mean, obviously, we all love Slipknot; Bring Me The Horizon wouldn’t be here if Slipknot didn’t exist.

We just wanted to pay homage and give a little nod to a direction that we were going to try and take our music in ourselves, in terms of what Slipknot had done for heavy music at the time.”

On November 5 in Los Angeles, Slipknot will play the biggest headlining concert of their career at the Knotfest. The festival will also be featuring the performances of Bring Me The Horizon, Killswitch Engage, and more. Therefore, Bring Me To Horizon is now getting ready to get up on the same stage with Slipknot for the much-appreciated festival.