Ola Englund Defends Wolfgang Van Halen Against Online Haters

Wolfgang Van Halen is in a never-ending online battle with Van Halen fans. They either tell him that he is hanging onto his father, Eddie Van Halen’s coattails, or lynch him for not singing Van Halen songs in his Mammoth WVH appearances. Either way, he is in a sticky situation almost every week.

However, he seems to be taking it better than he used to, as he had recently made fun of a fan who thought that Wolfgang was using ‘Van Halen’ as a surname just because he was in the band. More recently, YouTuber and guitarist Ola Englund talked about Wolfgang and ran to his defense.

In one of his videos, he spoke about the backlash against Wolfgang and saw no reason. He said that the musician literally carries Van Halen as his last name, and looking at the music he’s creating, it’s much different than what his father did. The guitarist also said that he is not riding Eddie’s coattails because he is doing his thing entirely, even though he has the right to continue his father’s legacy.

Ola Englund said:

“So, people have been complaining that Wolfgang has been cashing in on the name Van Halen… Well, the problem with this is that Van Halen is his last name. How is he cashing in on his last name?

I think it’s pretty safe to say that when you listen to Wolfgang and his stuff, he’s absolutely not riding his father’s coattails. He has completely his own thing — but that’s the internet.”

Like many other celebrities who were the children of famous people, Wolfgang’s name has come forward with allegations regarding nepotism as well. Although he is walking on eggshells to make sure he is paying tribute to his father and doing his thing at the same time, he receives commentary on social media criticizing him all the time.