Noel Gallagher Says He Would Love To Jam With Neil Young And Crazy Horse Some Day

Former Oasis lead guitarist Noel Gallagher recently posted a part of a question and live Q&A event on his official Twitter account. He was asked about who he would want to jam with and answered saying that his go-to would be Neil Young and his backing band Crazy Horse.

As you may know, Neil Young started his professional solo career with his backing band Crazy Horse in 1968 after Buffalo Springfield disbanded. Even though he became a member of CSNY shortly after, Young continued to produce his solo works with the contribution of Crazy Horse alongside releasing records with CSNY. The band is still performing and recording together after over forty years.

Neil Young released his latest studio album ‘Colorado’ with Crazy Horse on October 25, 2019. The longtime fans of the band felt very happy and excited about the album as it was the first since the release of ‘Psychedelic Pill’ in 2012. During the question and answer event, Noel Gallagher also revealed that he has been a dedicated fan of Neil Young and Crazy Horse for a long time.

In his recent tweet, Noel Gallagher shared a part of the event in which he was talking about jamming with his dream band. He stated that he would be very happy to play with CSNY icon Neil Young and his backing band Crazy Horse. Gallagher thought that it would be an amazing experience for him and would derive great pleasure from playing loud as their drummer during the jam session.

Noel Gallagher’s tweet read:

“Who would you love to jam with? (Dead or alive).

Noel answers your questions in Part 2 of the Fan Q&A.”

He said in the video that:

It’s Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Being on the stage and playing loud with them would be great. I would play drums with Crazy Horse.”

You can check out the tweet below.