Noel Gallagher Blames Fame For Amy Winehouse’s Tragic End

Amy Winehouse was a talented singer and songwriter who sadly made the headlines with her struggle with addiction and joined the 27 Club in 2011. Although she was not a rocker, she has been widely praised by several rock musicians, including Bob Dylan, Billy Gibbons, and Keith Richards. Speaking to Pub Talk, Noel Gallagher talked about how fame negatively affected the ‘Rehab’ singer.

“Fame can hit people really hard,” Noel Gallagher said, implying that being famous isn’t something everyone can handle. “I always use the example of Amy Winehouse, a lovely Cockney girl from North London. All of a sudden, she makes that album [‘Frank’], and she becomes a world superstar. Fame hit her like a truck, and she didn’t make it. She had a unique voice, but sadly didn’t have the [right] people around her.”

Winehouse released her first album ‘Frank’ on October 20, 2003. After its release, the album received generally positive reviews from critics and brought the singer an Ivor Novello Award. From then on, she achieved great fame and success, especially after the release of 2006’s ‘Back To Black.’ At that time, Winehouse was battling mental health issues due to her tumultuous relationship with Blake Civil. Civil was the one who introduced her to drugs and encouraged her substance use.

One can clearly see the difference between Amy Winehouse’s photos taken in the early stages of her career and before her tragic passing. She was a lively, giggly, and energetic woman who was highly passionate about singing. According to Oasis icon Noel Gallagher, Winehouse’s tragic end resulted from the pressures of being a famous star. He argued that the singer was a talented artist with unique vocals, but nobody was there to support her through hard times.

You can watch the rest of the interview below.