Nita Strauss Warns Alice Cooper Fans Not To Throw Boxers ‘Unless They’re Prepared’

Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss recently shared a stage moment on her Instagram when a fan threw his boxers at her during an Alice Cooper show. Strauss humorously warned the fans not to throw their underwear if they didn’t prepare themselves for what came next.

Nita Strauss has simultaneously focused on her solo career and her works with Alice Cooper. She initially started working as Alice Cooper’s touring bassist in 2014. Since that time, Strauss has been playing in Cooper’s massive tours. While collaborating with other names, she also released her solo album, ‘Controlled Chaos‘ in 2018.

In October 2021, her most recent single, ‘Dead Inside,’ which features Disturbed’s David Draiman, came out. Strauss received praise from many fans and music critics for her playing techniques and style. With this single, the guitarist also gained the title of the first female solo artist who became number one on Rock Radio.

Strauss has been a part of Alice Cooper’s theatrical shows and has impressed the audience with her talent. Over time, her fan base grew more extensive, and many fans find her guitar skills and charismatic style remarkable. They look for various ways to show their admiration for her at concerts. The guitarist shared one of them with her fans on her recent Instagram post.

Previously, Strauss commented on the video of a fan throwing her underwear at Corey Taylor during a Slipknot show, asking where the video of the guy who threw his boxers at her was. After this comment, the fans wanted to learn more about the incident.

In the comments section of the Facebook post, the musician penned:

“Ok, but who has video of the guy who threw his sweaty post-show boxers at me on the last tour, though?”

The guitarist explained in her post that a guy fan tried to attract her attention by blowing kisses and making heart symbols during a concert in 2021. Later, the guitarist realized that the fan had disappeared, and she thought he had just left the show. However, as Strauss mentioned, he returned after a while and had something in his hand that she could not notice.

In her IG post, Nita Strauss wrote:

“Boxers on the stage: a cautionary tale. Since my comment on a recent Blabbermouth Facebook post seems to be getting a lot of attention, I shall share the long version of the boxers on the stage story. The year was 2021. The city will remain nameless. Touring had just started back up post lockdown, and the band and fans were in a good mood. In the front row, around my side of the stage, was a group of a few younger guys.

They were having a ball. Singing the words, headbanging along, shaking their fists in the air, and raising their horns at all the appropriate times. One of the guys, in particular, was trying to get my attention throughout the show, blowing kisses and making that heart-hands symbol every time I glanced in that direction. ‘A bit much,’ I mused, but I was happy to see people at a show having fun and didn’t think much of it.

‘Teenage Frankenstein’ rolls around, the second to last song. I glance down. The guy is gone. Smart! Probably beating the traffic out of here. ‘School’s Out.’ The guy is back. His friends are cracking up. I was wrapped up in the show and didn’t notice something wadded up in one of his hands. ‘No more pencils, no more books.'”

Then, Strauss continued and explained that suddenly something grey fell onto the stage between Alice Cooper and her. She stated that they realized it was underwear. When they threw it back at the guy fan, they failed and accidentally threw it at another audience who was accompanying the song. The audience’s shouting spread through the concert area, and Strauss said she excessively laughed at this incident. The guitarist also humorously warned people not to throw their boxers if they were not prepared for them to go to inappropriate places.

Later in the post, Strauss added:

“Suddenly, a gray, sweaty UFO hurtled onto the stage and landed on the center riser, between Alice and me. We all immediately burst into uncontrollable laughter. The guy’s boxer briefs were brazenly laid out on the riser, showing all the after-effects of being worn all day at a hot, outdoor August show.

Mercifully, Chuck or maybe Ryan hooked the waistband of the boxers onto their headstock. Everyone knew which guy it came from. Chuck, or maybe Ryan, deftly lifted the undies and flung them back in the guy’s direction, but since headstock tossing is notoriously inaccurate, they overshot the throw by a couple of rows. As a result, an innocent bystander a few rows back who had his hands in the air and mouth wide open, probably screaming, ‘Well we got no class, and we got no prince…’ suddenly got a face full of front row guy’s sweaty underwear.

The ‘aaaagghhhhhh’ was audible over the concert noise, and I think that was one of many times I fell down from laughing so hard. The moral of the story is this: Don’t throw your boxers at a girl unless you’re prepared for them to go places you didn’t expect. Or, maybe don’t throw your boxers at a girl in general.”

You can see the IG post below.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram