Nikki Sixx Reacts To Media Joking About His HipHop Album Statement

Mötley Crüe has another update about their album.

Earlier, Nikki Sixx shared two updates about their first album since 2008. In his words, everyone who heard the album said it was a country album. But later, the bassist clarified that it was different than what people thought. He wrote:

“Media running with a joke about new Motley Crue music just shows how they can be unprofessional and irresponsible. But they probably just saw an opportunity for clickbait to sell ads. This stuff always makes me laugh…”

He also explained what the new album would sound like or maybe it’s another sarcastic comment in his style:

“Anyway. Our new music is actually kinda reggae EDM. But with a bit of Dylan.”

Media Outlets ‘Don’t Understand Sarcasm’

The rocker’s first tweet implied that the new album would have a sound closer to country or hip-hop.

In another post, Sixx shared a screenshot of a news outlet that wrote about his earlier tweet. In the caption, he clarified that they were not making a hip-hop album:

“Hahaha. Good ole media not crossing checking sarcasm.”

Sixx’s second post got mostly positive comments. While some said they thought it was a joke, others shared their excitement for the new album.

The title and the release date are still unclear.

You can see Sixx’s new update below.