Nikki Sixx Explains What Mötley Crüe’s Current Plans Are For The Stadium Tour

Mötley Crüe co-founder and bassist Nikki Sixx has responded to a fan’s question on Twitter wondering whether there are any updates about the band’s postponed The Stadium Tour and expressed their concerns related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Mötley Crüe was planning to reunite for a tour named ‘The Stadium Tour‘ in 2020 following the success of their biographical film, ‘The Dirt.’ Their fans were worried whether the band’s show would be a success since their frontman Vince Neil received criticism due to his weight and low performances during the band’s previous tour.

However, since the beginning of the Coivd-19 pandemic, Neil has been displaying the results of his strict diet and hard work to respond to the fan’s concerns. Although fans’ concerns were dismissed about the band’s performance, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, Mötley Crüe members had to postpone their plans to a future date.

Recently on Twitter, Nikki Sixx received a tweet from a fan who wanted to know if there were any updates regarding The Stadium Tour. In his response to the fan, Sixx stated that the band’s real concern about the tour was ensuring the safety of everyone involved in the tour, including the fans, band members, and crews. He mentioned that they are very excited to get out and tour but they will wait for the green light from the authorities.

Here is what the Mötley Crüe fan asked about the current status of the tour:

Any tour update Nikki? It will always be Tommy, Vince, Mick, and Nikki. Crue. Crue. Crue. From Indy. I was there.”

To which Nikki Sixx replied:

“Hi, David. Our concern is the safety of not only our fans but everybody involved in a tour. The bands, crews, etc. As soon as we get the green light we’re excited to get out and tour.”

You can see the tweet Nikki Sixx posted on his Twitter account below.