Nikki Sixx Could Be Rock’s New Marketing Genius, Here’s Why

After the recently released music and new details about their music careers, Mötley Crüe is getting ready to surprise fans with even more, but they seem to have many different strategies than before. As the ‘business guy’ of the band, the bassist Nikki Sixx might be the new genius of the music industry. Here is why.

They Use AI For Their Own Good

Instead of blaming artificial intelligence for ‘ruining’ musicians’ careers, Mötley Crüe saw the opportunity and took it to elevate their career and fame. In their latest music video, ‘Dogs Of War,’ each band member had their own artificial intelligence model. They might use this modeling to put on AI-powered avatar shows in the future.

This might also secure the band’s longevity, similar to what KISS has done by using holograms and avatars.

Mötley Crüe Continues With Singles, Not Albums

Exactly a month ago, Crüe released their latest single ‘Dogs Of War.’ Around the time the single came out, the band said they would continue their music journey with singles rather than albums.

After the success of albums like ‘Dr. Feelgood’ and ‘Girls Girls Girls,’ this new strategy appears to be more different than usual. Unlike older rockers who continue their careers by releasing albums, Crüe’s new and modern approach focuses more on singles. Who knows, maybe they will get even more famous for releasing their new music one by one instead of a whole piece of an album.