Nikki Sixx Argues That Strong Songwriting Transcends Hair Metal Stereotypes

A fan asked Nikki Sixx if a hair metal band could succeed in today’s music scene during a recent Q&A session on X. Sixx’s reply suggested that he couldn’t make sense of the genre, and read:

“Not sure what a hair band is. But could a band that’s focused on great songwriting and leaning into guitar work today? I just know a great song always wins. So I’m sure.”

He Rejected Connection To Hair Metal

Sixx separated himself and Mötley Crüe from the hair metal label before a tour with Poison in 2011. He said his band would never hit the road with other hair metal groups because he didn’t want to be ‘attached to that kind of fake bullsh*t.’

The bassist later explained:

“[Mötley Crüe] wanted to separate from [bands like Poison]. And we had never planned on touring with any of the bands from that era. There was no animosity — it was just that we put a very clear line.”

Hair Metal Bands Ended Themselves, He Believes

Sixx once also said that hair metal bands were responsible for their downfall in the 1990s because they were ‘making copycat music.’ He shared with Kerrang! in 2019:

“We, on the other hand, simply imploded. Forget about the lifestyle for a minute — the thing that ultimately allowed us to pull ourselves through was the music that we made, and how good we can be when we really put it together.”

You can see the bassist’s recent tweet about the genre below.