Nikki Sixx Admits That He Lost A Lot Of Time While He Was An Heroin Addict

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing adorable pictures of her 2-year-old daughter Ruby while opening up about his 20 years of sobriety and revealing how he spent his time in vain because of addiction.
As many of you know, every member of Möyley Crüe had addictions whether it’s drugs or alcohol, and their lifestyle filled with countless drugs, partying, and getting into trouble was the prior theme they were known for. However, Nikki Sixx was addicted to heroin to which he referred to as ‘true love’ multiple times.
While his heroin addiction was getting incredibly worse over time, Mötley Crüe bassist overdosed on heroin about half a dozen times, according to his statement. However, it was the time when Sixx declared clinically dead for two minutes before a paramedic revived him with two syringes of adrenaline, he decided to get clean, along with his band members.
Being sober for two decades now, Nikki Sixx recently shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing extremely beautiful pictures of his baby girl, Ruby while opening up about his sobriety. Apparently, Sixx has a few things to say for those who think sobriety isn’t cool as he stated that being alive and feeling everything around you is even cooler.
In addition to this, Sixx stated that he lost many years that spent in vain because of his addiction, regardless of the wasted years, Mötley Crüe icon has been making up for them for the 20 years he has been sober with his family and fans.
Here is what Sixx said:

“Sunday in the mountains. If you ever question ‘Why’ sobriety should be your number one priority just look around at your life. I’m sure there are 100 solid reasons. I talk about sobriety because it’s important to know it’s cool to be clean and even cooler to kick ass while yer on this damn planet and not to slither and slump through a dull experience. Make it count. I lost a lot of time. For sure been making up for it for the last 20 years. Living in gratitude sets you free of ego(fear) and demons too. It works if you work it. Have a great day.”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Nikki Sixx – Instagram Page