Night Ranger’s Kelly Keagy Says He Was Stunned By Nirvana’s Image

Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy recently talked about seeing a Nirvana video for the first time. The musician said he was stunned by the band’s youthful rock and roll image.

Nirvana is one of the most popular bands of all time, and even though their career didn’t last as long as other iconic groups, they undeniably influenced the music world. Unfortunately, Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain passed away in 1994, and the group disbanded, never to reunite. However, even today, artists in the music industry still remember what they put out on the scene and are thankful.

Recently, Night Ranger’s Kelly Keagy talked about what art means and Nirvana’s influence in the music world. The musician stated that he was stunned when he first saw the band because of how they represented themselves. The drummer said that Nirvana was fresh and new, a need in rock and roll where musicians must be forward-thinking.

He also indicated that he is lucky to be in Night Ranger because they also push their limit to contribute with something different. According to Keagy, when a band’s style stands still for more than five years, it becomes dull and flat. Therefore, he’s grateful to have his group of musicians willing to try new styles and sounds.

Here are Keagy’s words on Nirvana:

“I remember seeing the first video that Nirvana put out, and I was just stunned. I was stunned because what they were projecting was their image. It was young, which I thought was great. Rock and roll music is youthful anyway.

But I thought that the music, in general, was so different and cool; the way they were tuning their guitars down, the things had a huge foundation. I just thought it was all on edge, nothing hiding. They weren’t hiding anything. And I can appreciate that. That’s what art is supposed to be like, forward-thinking in a lot of ways. It’s supposed to be fresh and new.

And I thought that was a good thing to happen at that time. Just like I say, every five years, something’s got to change. You sit in one place, and it just becomes boring. Then, why not go and do something else? I was lucky with the band Night Ranger. We enjoy writing songs together, and we also enjoy doing different styles. So we’ve always been about that, trying to push it a little bit, as far as the style will be.”

You can watch the interview below.