Nicko McBrain Details The Strategy Iron Maiden Used To Promote ’Senjutsu’

Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain recently talked about their latest album, ‘Senjutsu,’ and praised the strategies that were used to tease the fans before its release. He stated that the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ method of the marketing team was a great idea and kept the fans interested.

Iron Maiden is known to be one of the most popular and successful heavy metal bands of all time along with being active since 1975. They have released 17 studio albums throughout their career and sold over 100 million records worldwide. They became a worldwide known phenomenon that helped shape the rock industry.

The band released ‘The Book of Souls’ in 2015, and after six years of waiting, they came up with a huge advertising campaign for their new album, ‘Senjutsu,’ which attracted their fans and excited them for the new release. The band members didn’t have much to do with the marketing side, but Nicko McBrain praised his team for brilliantly coming up with a certain strategy.

They slowly released flyers and teasers promoting the biblical story ‘Belshazzar’s Feast.’ Hence, their fans started to wonder what does this story has to do with what they will be releasing. The band also had more time without deadlines to extend the promotion of this album as much as they wanted, and that’s why the teasing strategy worked.

The singles entitled ‘The Writing on the Wall,’ and ‘Stratego’ were released before the album to promote it, and it was revealed that the music video for ‘The Writing on the Wall’ was inspired by the biblical references of ‘Belshazzar’s Feast.’

Here is how Nicko praised the Sherlock Holmes strategy:

“That strategy, of where they came up with the flyers and little teasers and Easter eggs and people were going and becoming Sherlock Holmes to find out what was going on with ‘Belshazzar’s Feast’, that was a great piece of strategy. And that was probably the difference between how this album was rolled out and how the previous Maiden records were marketed.

There was a lot more time, obviously. We had two years to work out what was gonna happen and when we would release the record. So that’s the only difference, really — the fact that there was a lot of lead-up time and getting everything right with the artwork. Nothing was really rushed.”

He added:

“Not that in previous album releases there have been rushes or anything like deadlines to meet. So that was the nice thing about this album. Unfortunately, due to this pandemic, yes, we all had to sit at home and work from home. And I’m sure the team found that maybe a little distressing.

But I think everyone’s got used to Zoom. So that’s the one good thing, I think, that’s come out of this horrible pandemic for people that are still working, and they’re working from home.”

Not only with their music, but they have also always been a prominent band with their artwork and storytelling lyrics in the form of an epic, taking the musical experience to a whole new level. Iron Maiden helped carry the music genre of heavy metal to becoming an art form on its own.