Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Recalls His Bodyguard Ruining His Date With A Famous Artist

Sometimes, being a famous rock star isn’t enough to steal the show. Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger seems to have a hilarious story to prove that. In a recent interview with 98 Rock Baltimore, Kroeger admitted that his bodyguard once spoiled his date night with a renowned female artist.

Chad Kroeger learned that his bodyguard Hawk would come with him wherever he went, so he decided to be friends with him. Later on, they became best friends. Hawk had seen a lot of combat in the past, and it turns out he used these war stories to steal the spotlight during the singer’s date night with another famous artist.

“We played the first ever MTV awards in Japan,” Chad Kroeger recalled. “And many other artists and bands were there playing. So, we played ‘How You Remind Me,’ and we blew up a bunch of pyros and got on the elevator afterward. I won’t name any names, but there’s this female artist. As the doors closed, she couldn’t quite get on the elevator. She said, ‘Chad, I think we’re staying at the same hotel. Let’s go get dinner!’ I said, ‘Yeah, sounds great!’”

Kroeger continued, “The door was closed. There were 15 people on this elevator, and I just turned to Hawk, and I go, ‘Did she just ask me on a date?’ Everybody in the elevator turned around and like, ‘Yes, dumb*ss, she just asked you on a date!’ So, we go on a date, and she brings a couple of her crew and a couple of people from her band.”

The rocker added, “I brought Hawk with me. I was sitting at this table, and he won’t stop telling war stories. And she has less than zero interest in anything I have to say. So I go, ‘Oh, one time I was in London,’ and like, ‘No!’ It doesn’t even compare! I finally kicked him under the table after about 45 minutes, and she goes to the bathroom; I’m like, ‘Would you shut up?’”

So, Chad Kroeger’s date night was ruined thanks to his bodyguard and ex-Marine Hawk’s war stories. However, Kroeger still loves Hawk so much that he wrote the touching ballad ‘Steel Still Rusts’ just for him. The song appears on Nickelback’s latest release, ‘Get Rollin’.’