Dee Snider Discusses His Disappointment In Being Abandoned On The ‘Battlefield’

In a recent chat with AXS TV, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider talked about his latest graphic novel, ‘Dee Snider: HE’S NOT GONNA TAKE IT,’ in which he opened up about how he advocated for freedom of expression. When asked what he thought of being alone in his fight, the singer replied:

“It was really disappointing, you know to charge into battle, and we capture this in the book beautifully. The great thing about graphic novels is that you get those visuals. I thought that I was carrying the freaking flag of freedom. I just thought there would be armies behind me.”

He continued:

“Then I got out there in the middle of the battlefield, and I turned around. I was by myself, literally by myself. But someone recently said, ‘Dee, not all of us are capable of speaking out the way you do.’ I said, ‘Well, get behind me.'”

The Parents Music Resource Center investigated Twisted Sister and several other bands, like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and AC/DC, for their supposed negative effects on young children during the 80s. The PMRC had filed a lawsuit against mainstream rock and metal music, and Snider tried to fight the allegations against him and even rejected censorship.

Here’s what Snider told Deadline last year about freedom of speech and PMRC’s actions against him:

“To be in the crosshairs of this bipartisan attack on free speech caught me completely off guard. All my rock and roll dreams were finally coming true, and the PMRC was trying to shut me up. Some of my peers thought we should ignore them, but I couldn’t. Someone had to fight back, and I fought hard!”

When AXS TV pointed out that the government had surveillance on the singer during that time, Dee said:

“Historically, that’s what the government does. I mean, you know, Alice [Cooper] had a dossier on him because Nixon thought he was a threat. Alice Cooper, I said, ‘Alice, what happened? Everybody likes me; what’s going on?’ I said, ‘I was like the scourge, and now everybody likes me.'”

Snider added:

“He goes, and this is what he said; this is a true conversation, ‘Yeah, they got used to you.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, you hang around long enough they kind of expect you to be there.’ I said, ‘Like Norm [Peterson] from Cheers?’ He said, ‘Yeah, like Norm from Cheers.'”

You can watch Dee Snider’s interview with AXS TV below.