Myles Kennedy Recalls How Listening To David Lee Roth Costed Him His Dream Guitar


Alter Bridge lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Myles Kennedy opened up about the first guitar he has ever bought during an interview with Ultimate Guitar, and apparently, the guitar he worked so hard for was stolen when he left it alone in order to go to a David Lee Roth concert and watch Steve Vai play.

As some of you might recall, after working with Van Halen as the band’s lead vocalist for 12 years, David Lee Roth started a solo career in late 1985 and that’s when he formed a superband including bassist Billy Sheehan, drummer Gregg Bissonette, and the legendary guitarist Steve Vai.

During a recent interview, Myles Kennedy was asked about the first guitar he purchased, and apparently, it was an Ibanez DT250 he had to work for nine months cleaning horse stalls for his father for which he earned a dollar. While Kennedy revealed that he saw the picture of the guitar in the back of a magazine and wanted it so badly that he worked endlessly.

While his hard work paid off, an unfortunate incident happened when Alter Bridge guitarist was just a teenage guitarist who was in a high school jazz band, his guitar was stolen after Myles Kennedy left his guitar at the school before going to former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth’s concert and watch Steve Vai play. 

Here is what Kennedy said:

It was an Ibanez DT250 – they called it the X Series and it kind of looked like the Dimebag guitar. It had the same sort of aesthetic to it as the one Dimebag was known for playing. I didn’t even know who Dimebag was at that point, this was 1985 or so. I just saw the guitar in the back of a magazine and thought it looked so badass. So yeah, I worked for nine months cleaning stalls for my dad – he gave me a dollar for each stall I cleaned. Each stall took about 45 minutes to an hour to clean – shoveling horse manure.

So, it was definitely something I wanted pretty bad to smell all that horse crap for so long. It was kind of a sad story because the guitar ended up getting stolen about two years later. I was in this high school jazz band – they let me play this hard rock guitar that, aesthetically, did not fit the jazz look. The jazz teacher, at the time, let me use it, but I left it in the instrument storage room because I couldn’t take it home because I was going to a concert that night.

David Lee Roth was coming through town and I wanted to see Steve Vai play, so I just left it at school. When I got back to school the next day, someone had stolen it. It was heartbreaking.”

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