Mikkey Dee Gives An Update On The New Scorpions Album, ‘We Are Almost Done’


Scorpions drummer Mikkey Dee took his official Twitter account to share a new video of himself and talked about the upcoming album of the band.

In the video, Mikkey managed to excite the Scorpions fans by saying that they are going to finish up the album soon and they are almost done. Also, he mentioned that all the records are coming together right now.

While Mikkey was saying that all of the band members were working hard to make this album, he also revealed that there are still some works to do on the drums to make it perfect.

Although Mikkey gave this exciting update to the community, he didn’t really reveal any details about the album. Right now, neither the release date nor the name of the album is certain yet.

Here is what Mikkey Dee said:

“We are gonna finish up the album, and we are working really hard on that. And it’s coming together; we’re almost done. So, I’ve got one more little run to go here, and that’s about it. The other guys have been working while I’ve been in Sweden, of course, but there’s a few more little things to do on the drums.”

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