Mike Shinoda Releases New NFT With Music To Experiment On Community Strength

Linkin Park singer and guitarist Mike Shinoda announced via his official Twitter account that he released a new piece from his art collection accompanied by new music, which was recorded live on his Twitch channel.

In addition to his successful career in music, Mike Shinoda has been sharing his impressive works in other fields of art, such as illustration. The multi-talented musician is also interested in NFTs, which refers to non-interchangeable digital data that can be pictures, videos, and music. These tokens are purchasable online, using blockchain technology to verify proof of ownership.

Previously, Mike stated that he actually found this digital asset quite brilliant and explained how NFT really works to his fans and followers on social media. It is known that Shinoda made $30,000 from his first crypto media sale of the released song, ‘One Hundredth Stream.’

Recently, Mike announced that he just made a new drop along with a song titled ‘Uncanny Mountain,’ which was recorded live during one of his streamings on Twitch.  Furthermore, Shinoda mentioned in another tweet that he is sort of conducting an experiment with this release. Instead of minting at a high price, he decided to gift the piece to the community by giving them ‘the instruction to sell at that price.’

As he stated that it will be up to people whether the price will remain stable, Shinoda thanked everybody who supports the community by buying the NFTs. Mike also mentioned the notable thing about his latest drop, that it was a blockchain, which makes people’s actions visible.

Mike Shinoda announced the release:

“The experiment here is all about community strength and willpower. Instead of me minting at a high price, the piece was gifted to the community with the instruction to sell at that price. We will see if that floor holds, or not; it will be up to the people.

A huge thank you is due to collectors supporting each other and the art–at any price, you are supporting this community and I appreciate you. Final thought: what’s notable here is that it’s the blockchain. Your actions are visible…”

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