Mike Shinoda On Snoop Dogg: It Felt Like A Horror Movie Music

Mike Shinoda recently shared with Metal Hammer what he thinks about Snoop Dogg’s music.

The rocker talked about his hop influences like Public Enemy and Beastie Boys. Then he added:

“Dr. Dre is another artist where I collected everything he was doing. ‘Deep Cover’ was the first time I heard Snoop Dogg, this new superstar, and it felt like horror movie music, so dark and aggressive and dangerous.”

Shinoda Has Other Influences Too

Jay-Z had an impact on Shinoda as a musician. He had a chance to work with Jay-Z on Linkin Park’s collaborative EP ‘Collision Course.’ Mike explained in February how the band and the rapper came together:

“You’ve got Linkin Park and Jay-Z, I don’t think you need to share that episode with anybody else. So I made three, intending to fill all the three spots. ‘Numb/Encore’ was one of them, I don’t remember the other two. We sent them to Jay and his response was, ‘Oh sh*t.’ We knew immediately that he liked it. We liked it, so we set up, we’re like,’Okay, here’s the idea. Let’s do an EP of these, let’s do enough that we can fill the entire show. Let’s do it on stage together and we’ll release it all, the visuals, the music. MTV will have to worry about it what are they gonna do after that because I don’t see how you’re gonna follow it up, but that’s their problem, not ours.'”

He also mentioned Jay-Z’s influence on him:

“I grew up on Jay’s music, I love Jay’s music. I think because I grew up on a lot of his stuff, there was a natural synergy between the way our music fits with his.”

Linkin Park previously shared the same stage with Snoop Dogg in 2004 at their Projekt Revolution music festival. Korn, The Used, and Less Than Jake also appeared there to perform.