Mike Shinoda Invites Fans To Join Him For The Release Of His New Single ‘Happy Endings’

Linkin Park rhythm guitarist Mike Shinoda shared a post on his official Twitter page announcing a brand new single ‘Happy Endings’ which will be released on 19 February during a stream on Twitch with Iann Dior and Upsahl.

As you may remember, Mike Shinoda shared a post on his official Twitter page yesterday announcing a brand new mysterious project by stating that something big is about to come. Due to the fact that Shinoda did not reveal any detail about his project, many fans shared comments under his post, stating that it’s most likely a brand new song.

Here is what Shinoda said:

Something big is coming this week#HappyEndings”

While his fans have been waiting patiently in order to find out his secret upcoming project, Mike Shinoda recently shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that his fans were right guessing it’s a new song. Apparently, Shinoda is going to release a new track named ‘Happy Endings’ in collaboration with two other musicians.

The single will be out on February 19, most likely during a live stream on Twitch with two other featuring musicians, rapper, singer Iann Dior and singer, songwriter Upsahl at 10 am tomorrow as Shinoda revealed in his latest post.

Here is what Shinoda said:

New single HAPPY ENDINGS out 2.19 | Chat with Iann Dior and Upsahl on Twitch tomorrow at 10 AM PT #HappyEndings”

You can see the Twitter post below.