Mike Dirnt Recalls The Time He Met Shock G And Reveals What The Rapper Said About Green Day


Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt shared a picture on his official Instagram stories revealing the time when he first met Digital Underground lead vocalist Shock G while sharing a farewell message to the famous rapper as well as revealing his first opinion about Green Day.

As you might already know, Shock G is a well-known rapper and musician who is the lead vocalist of the hip-hop band Digital Underground and was responsible for 2Pac’s breakthrough single ‘I Get Around,’ and co-producer of 2Pac’s debut album ‘2Pacalypse Now.’

Unfortunately, his Digital Underground bandmate Chopmaster J. announced the passing of Shock G at the age of 57 via an Instagram post on Thursday night, and apparently, his body was found dead in a Tampa, Florida hotel room on April 22, 2021.

After his abrupt passing at a rather young age, Shock G’s bandmates and fellow musicians in addition to his fans started to share farewell messages through social media accounts, saying their final goodbye to the legendary rapper while appreciating his music and legacy.

Recently, Mike Dirnt shared a picture of Shock G on his official Instagram stories in order to pay tribute to the late rapper while revealing the story of how the two met for the first time. Apparently, it was in 1993 at LAX while all members of Green Day and Shock G met and after chatting for some time he said to the band members that they all are going to be all right.

Here is what Dirnt said:

We met Shock G in ’93 at the airport in L.A. We were sitting on the floor joking around, beatboxing, and he asked if we were a rap group. We said, ‘Naw we’re a punk band,’ and that we were being courted by some big major labels. We talked for a little bit, and then he smiled and said, ‘you gonna be all right.’ You could tell he knew what was up with music and that he was a fucking cool dude!!!

Thanks, Shock G


You can see the Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Mike Dirnt – Instagram Stories
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