Mick Jagger Recorded A Song For Apple TV’s ‘Slow Horses’ And It’s ‘Thrilling’

The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger recently wrote and recorded a song entitled for Apple TV+ show. The musician previously shared a Twitter post to sneak peek at his project, which turned out to be a soundtrack for ‘Slow Horses.’

While Mick Jagger continues to work with his band, Rolling Stones, and actively performs with them, he is also working on other projects on the side for his solo career. He recently posted a photo on Twitter framing his guitar, a notebook, and the book ‘Slow Horses.’ The musician had revealed he was working on something mysterious with the music composer Daniel Pemberton.

Jagger’s tweet follows:

“I’ve been working on a fun project with the composer Daniel Pemberton… look out for it coming soon!”

The fans who knew about the upcoming show on Apple TV+ directly guessed that he was taking part in the soundtrack, but the others were confused. A few days later, it was announced that the iconic singer created a soundtrack for the upcoming series, ‘Slow Horses,’ which will be released on April 1.

‘Slow Horses’ was adopted to the TV from the novel by the same name by Mick Herron. It is a spy series with thriller elements starring Gary Oldman, Jack Lowden, Olivia Cook, and Kristin Scott Thomas. Jagger’s song seems to be very suitable for the aspects of the show as his eery vocals were described as ‘atmospheric and infectious.’

The description of Jagger’s song follows:

“Underpinned by Jagger’s powerful and eery vocals, the poignant, moodily strutting theme tune, which references elements of the show’s original score, encompasses both contemporary off-kilter sound design and delicate piano arrangements, highlighting the narrative of yearning for the days to ‘dance with the big boys again.'”

Here is how Mick Jagger was chosen for the soundtrack:

“We always wanted a song to set the tone for the show, and there was only ever one name in my mind – Mick Jagger. Hearing the track for the first time was utterly thrilling. Mick’s lyrics and performance have totally nailed the mood of ‘Slow Horses,’ with all the humor and swagger I dreamed of.”

You can see Jagger’s tweet about working with Daniel Pemberton below.