Michael Stipe Mourns Bill Rieflin, ‘He Left Us All With Amazing Memories’


Michael Stipe took R.E.M.’s official Instagram account to share a new post and mourned the death of his late bandmate, Bill Rieflin.

Bill Rieflin joined R.E.M. as a touring member in 2003 and performed with them as a drummer until their disbandment in 2011. Besides touring, he also contributed to ‘Around The Sun,’ ‘Accelerate,’ and ‘Collapse Into Now.’

The veteran drummer had been battling cancer for eight years. Unfortunately, Bill passed away in March 2020 at the age of 59. Yesterday marked the 60th birthday of the drummer, and Michael Stipe wanted to pay his tribute to Rieflin on this special day.

As he posted photos of Bill to celebrate his birthday, Michael also shared his feelings about the drummer. While mourning the death of Bill on his birthday, Sytipe also mentioned that Rieflin is greatly missed. Afterward, Michael stated that Bill will always be remembered for his amazing memories and music.

Michael Stipe shared his feelings about Bill Rieflin on his birthday using the following words:

“Today we acknowledge and recognize Bill Rieflin on his birthday… He is greatly missed, but he left us all with amazing memories, music, and laughs! Bill wherever you are – we salute you!”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: R.E.M. – Instagram