Michael Monroe Says Hanoi Rocks Reunion Is Too Special To Become A Tour

The vocalist for the glam metal band Hanoi Rocks, Michael Monroe, recently sat down for an interview with Rockfiend, revealed his thoughts on the recent reunion of his former band, and shared his feelings about a possible reunion tour.

1979 witnessed the formation of the Finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks, which managed to transgress the borders and build a reputation worldwide. Unfortunately, the band’s career was short-lived since they decided to disband after one of their bandmates, Nicholas Dingley, died in a car accident where Vince Neil was the driver.

In 2001, original members of the band Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy re-banded and performed together for eight years. From that day on, Monroe did not leave the stage and continued his music career with solo projects and guest appearances. On September 23, Michael Monroe organized a 60th birthday gig. At the grand finale of Michael Monroe’s birthday concert in Finland, Monroe performed with the original lineup of his former band, Hanoi Rocks.

The concert was held in Helsining Jäähalli, and Monroe was accompanied by Andy McCoy, Sami Yaffa, Nasty Suicide, and Gyp Casino. The last time all the band members performed together was in 1982, so the concert was emotionally loaded for both the audience and the band members. The show was special to Monroe as it also hosted Demolition 23, which had disbanded in 1995.

Speaking to Rockfiend, Michael Monroe revealed whether there would be another reunion project after this exceptional Hanoi Rocks performance. The musician, who seemed quite emotional while speaking, repeated many times that this reunion was a one-off event. He added that he thinks this performance took place at the right time, in the right place, and in the right way. Monroe believes this reunion was too special to turn into a tour, and he stated they have no plans for such a tour.

Here is how Michael Monroe feels about the reunion of his former band, Hanoi Rocks, and a possible reunion tour:

“No [there won’t be a reunion tour], it’s just one-off, just a one-off thing, and that’s the whole thing. And we’re not going to go on tour with this… No, no, no. That’s, that was… It’s like I said, this was the only time and place, the right place to do it, at the right time, in the right way. I’m not going to go on tours. It’s just too special to go on tour for, you know, really. No, it’s just a one-time occasion. There are no plans for anything else, really.”

You can check out the full interview on Youtube below.