Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Names The Singer Who Can Be ‘The King Of Pop’

Michael Jackson has had a unique influence on the pop music industry. The icon set new records, challenged racial boundaries, and revolutionized the music industry with his artistic innovation and talent, making him the ‘King Of Pop.’ His son Prince Jackson shared his thoughts about the title that his father still carries to this day while chatting to ET and mentioned that the only performer that could get close to the title would be Beyoncé.

“There are so many technological, social factors that I think went into earning the title, ‘King of Pop,’” stated Prince explaining how his father became an icon for so many. “I don’t see it as a slight to anybody else’s career because they’ve had their length of achievements, but the ‘King of Pop’ is a unique achievement because he broke boundaries in countries that didn’t have the same infrastructure that they do now.”

Speaking on who might deserve a similar title, Prince said, “Personally, the first person that comes to mind is Beyoncé. I think that the way she approaches music, and I don’t know her personally, but from what I’ve seen from a professional standpoint — and I know my dad idolized her as well when she was coming up. So, he kind of predicted that, if you will. He saw that same fire and dedication in her, and for me, she’s up there.”

Prince also celebrated 40 years of his dad’s hit, Thriller,’ with the Thriller Night Halloween party, an annual fundraiser for his Heal Los Angeles foundation and the Dee Dee Jackson foundation. The Dee Dee Jackson foundation aims to help children who have lost a parent or a loved one and try to provide assistance.

Jackson, who lost his father in 2009, is still processing his grief. Thus, it seems like doing charity work has helped him throughout this process, as their work is vital for kids who don’t have the resources to get the help they need under certain circumstances.