Metallica Didn’t Attract A Female Audience, Dave Wyndorf Recalls

The success of Monster Magnet’s 1998 album ‘Powertrip’ gave them the chance to tour with big bands like Aerosmith and Metallica. The lead singer, Dave Wyndorf, was recently a guest on the Appetite for Distortion podcast and shared his interesting observation about Metallica.

“We had been through Europe many, many times headlining before, so we’d do, like, maybe five hundred people [a night],” the frontman said while recalling the early days of their career. “So we had done really, really well in Europe, going around. Our records were selling increasingly better and better. We had, like, two records on a major label at that point.”

He continued, “We were looking for some sort of break; you look for that break that you want.” That was when the metal icons intervened and enabled them to reach a broader crowd. Dave said, “Metallica, really, they gave us a chance to play in front of much bigger crowds. And it was really cool.”

However, according to Wyndorf, there was one problem. “The only thing that wasn’t cool about it was that there were so many dudes in the audience. We went through all of Eastern Europe, and we were, like, ‘Where are the girls?’ Because it was Metallica. And we were used to having a bunch of girls at the show. So that was the only hard part. It was just, like, what do you do after the show?”

Monster Magnet has been in the rock scene since ’89, and it looks like Metallica played a significant success in their rise to fame. The band’s latest album, which was also their first cover album, came out in the spring of 2021 under the title of ‘A Better Dystopia.’

It features thirteen songs, and although they covered others’ works, the band still managed to add their own touch. Therefore, the listeners who waited three years for a new album were not disappointed with the cover album; on the contrary, it received critical acclaim from both the audience and music critics.