Matt Sorum Picks ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons To Be His ‘Guide’

Supergroup Kings of Chaos has released a new single, ‘Judgement Day,’ along with an official music video. Matt Sorum is one of the song’s co-writers, playing and singing, but it seems he also has a very special touch on the video. Sorum recently joined AXS TV and shared the story behind their new clip and how Billy Gibbons took the role.

“There was this movie that I loved when I was a kid. And it was called ‘Vanishing Point,'” he said, referring to his main source of inspiration for the song’s lyrics. “It actually came out in 1971, and it was about this car chase across the United States. But this DJ, played by Cleavon Little, kind of helps him along his way, as a DJ talking to his radio. And I thought that was so cool.”

The drummer went on to explain how the initial lyrics later acquired a metaphorical meaning. “The lyrics were initially written about cars and speed and the highway, for my love of car songs… But then I started thinking lyrically as a metaphor for judgment day, meaning you’re racing through life and you’re going through all this turbulence and craziness and stuff happens, but the end game and where you’re headed to is basically we’re all gonna die. I thought it came out really cool.”

He continued, sharing how he chose Billy Gibbons as his guiding voice in the video, “So the Cleavon Little part, I said, ‘It’s gotta be Billy Gibbons,’ ’cause I love Billy’s voice. In the video, he’s called Reverend Willy G, and he kind of talks to me through the radio. And then I really love ‘Natural Born Killers,’ the cinematography of that and the way they shot that. So it’s got this sort of green sequence, nightmarish thing to it.”

In the music video, a DJ is directing the drummer from the radio while he is driving, as it also happens in the movie he got the inspiration from. Matt thought Gibbons was the best fit for this role, the person who would ‘guide‘ him during his journey. Judging by the comments below the video, fans seem a little angry just because Matt Sorum hasn’t released a single like this sooner. The eagerly-awaited whole album will come next fall or winter.

The band was initially formed under the name the Rock N Roll All-Stars in 2012 but was later dubbed Kings of Chaos. The band is not expected to have a permanent lineup; as a dynamic supergroup, they collaborate with many legendary names, as they will on this album. However, Matt Sorum has been there since the band’s inception, and considering the music video, he’ll be at the forefront also in this album.