Mark Hoppus Trolls Taylor Swift Fans: ‘You Should Have Gone To See Blink’

Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus has trolled Taylor Swift fans.

On the opening night of her Sydney Eras Tour concert last Friday, Taylor Swift drew a crowd of 81,000 people at Accor Stadium. However, right next door at Qudos Bank Arena, another iconic act, Blink-182, was putting on their sold-out show for 21,000 attendees. Despite Swift’s massive following, Mark Hoppus playfully teased the Swifties entering the stadium, suggesting they ‘should’ve gone to see Blink.’ In a story he shared on his Instagram, the bassist said:

“I’m about to go on stage, I’m really disappointed with everybody in here because this is the Taylor Swift show. You should have gone to see Blink! Should have gone to see Blink-182. Right next door. Could have seen Blink tonight, just saying.”

According to Google Maps, the two stages are only seven minutes away from each other.

Hoppus Ultimately Met Swift

Of course, the video had no bad intentions behind it since the bassist went on to meet Swift himself. Hoppus likely made his way to Qudos Bank Arena for Blink’s performance after the playful banter. However, at some point during the day, he met Swift. The bassist subsequently shared a photo of himself on Instagram standing alongside the singer and his wife, captioning it with:

“You need to calm down.”

You can see Hoppus’ Swift video and the picture below.

Credit: Mark Hoppus – Instagram