Mark Evans Clarifies If It Was Malcolm Young’s Decision To Fire Him From AC/DC

Former bass guitarist of AC/DC, Mark Evans, spoke in a recent interview with Let There Be Talk and talked about the time when he got kicked off.

Mark joined the band in 1975 and played for two years. In this period, he played the bass guitars of legendary albums such as T.N.T, High Voltage, Let There Be Rock, and many more.

After Mark kicked out from the band, there was speculation about who made this call and all the signs were pointing out to the late guitarist of the band, Malcolm Young. However, Mark clarified that that wasn’t the case.

Even though Malcolm wasn’t the reason why he got kicked out, Malcolm told him that they needed a bass guitar who could do back vocals and that’s why they are parting ways with Mark.

Here is what Mark Evans said:

“And you asked about the actual meeting, and it was put to me at that stage by Malcolm that they wanted to get someone in that can do backing vocals.

So that’s what it was. I think it went deeper than that. And they said, ‘Well, you don’t sing.’ No one asked me! I actually do sing. I do, I’ve always done something. I’ve been doing backing vocals in AC/DC. In ‘T.N.T.’, I’ll go, ‘Oi, oi, oi’ – I’m on the record doing that!

But I like a philosophical attitude, some people could get bent out of shape by something like that, that happened, but I look back and I’ve just nothing to put but good memories. A lot of love and respect for the band.”

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