Machine Gun Kelly Hides A Message For Jack Harlow In His New Song

Machine Gun Kelly has stirred the pot with a hidden message for Jack Harlow in his latest song, ‘Renegade Freestyle.’ This intriguing exchange between the two musicians gave insight into the rap industry’s competitive nature that brought them head-to-head and the context of their respective songs, where they take a hit at one another.

In his recent album, ‘Jackman,’ Harlow released a track called ‘They Don’t Love It,’ in which he raps, ‘The hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters / And hold the comments ’cause I promise you I’m honestly better / Than whoever came to your head right then.’ This verse is a direct challenge to MGK.

In the track, Harlow claimed he’s the second-best white rapper after Eminem, sparking a response from MGK, known for his many musical beefs, including one with Eminem himself. With ‘Renegade Freestyle,’ MGK responded to Harlow’s recent claim and fired back in his own creative way.

MGK’s words in his new track ‘Renegade Freestyle’ about Jack Harlow read:

“Make sure there’s no confusion / I’m a great white, I can eat their barracudas. I see why they call you Jackman / You jack man’s whole swag / Give Drake his flow back, man.”

In light of Kelly’s response to Harlow’s verse, the rap community is left wondering what the future holds for these two talented artists. As the competitive spirit of the rap game fuels their creativity, it remains uncertain whether Harlow will choose to acknowledge Kelly’s response or release a counter-track.