Machine Gun Kelly Ends The Controversy On His Blackout Tattoo

Machine Gun Kelly has spoken up about his latest blackout tattoo.

You might have seen the singer’s most recent tattoo is a blackout tattoo that covers his entire chest and arms. The size and the pain of the tattoo made some online commenters wonder if he was asleep during the process. MGK however, denied the claims and even shared a video online to prove that he was fully awake.

He wrote in the caption:

“I heard that they thought I went sleep for this…”

In the video, MGK shows the entire process from tattooing to the healing phases.

MGK Received Hate For His Tattoo

About five weeks back, the rapper showed off his tattoo with a picture on Instagram. In the picture, he is shirtless, wearing some black pants, and looking down at the ground to give a view of his fresh ink. The post was the only picture on his Instagram feed.

After getting his new tattoo, the rapper faced backlash from fans. Some said he was trying to ‘be black,’ while others just thought it was a dumb move. One user commented:

“Yeah I don’t know man. So many ruined tats and for what? Black torso phase?”

Another comment read:

“Congratulation bro you’re half black.”

MGK’s progress was shared by a fan on X too. You can see the original video here, and the fan video below.