Lzzy Hale Shares A Sneak Peek Of Halestorm’s New Single, ‘Back From The Death’

Halestorm’s frontwoman Lzzy Hale posted a short clip on her Instagram account revealing a part of their upcoming single ‘Back From The Death.’

August 9 marks the 24th anniversary of Halestorm’s first show together. The band started going on stage on August 9, 1997, and has gained a lot of love and appreciation since then. Halestorm has released only four studio albums since 1997, but they have gone on countless live shows and collaborated with many rockstars like Alice Cooper, Three Days Grace, and The Pretty Reckless.

In November, they will be on stage with the legendary metal band Evanescence. However, before Halestorm goes on stage with Evanescence, they announced that they will also release a new single on August 18, 2021.

Before the release, Lzzy Hale shared a sneak peek of the song on her Instagram, celebrating the 24th anniversary of the band’s first show. In the post, she poured her heart out by explaining the difficult times she’s been through and how music has helped her navigate her feelings and encouraged self-love.

This is how she poured her heart out in her recent Instagram post:

“Up from the dirt, I rise.

It’d be so much easier to just sink into the hole that I have dug for myself, the grave that this world, broken trust, guilt, toxic relationships, pressure, anxiety, and depression have helped me create. But that’s not who I am. Is it harder to pick me up and out of the blackness that sometimes plagues my mind? Yes. But no one ever said being your best self is easy. Self-love is a full-time job. And as always, music comes to the rescue.

My words and messages in my songs that I’ve been so lucky to have unleashed for others’ empowerment… are also my empowerment. It is my life light, providing my nutrients from a muse on high, a fickle but gracious muse that enables me to balance my emotions, and manifest my destiny. It reminds me how to love, and who looks back at me in this house of mirrors. A reflection is sometimes bent but never broken. Through music, we heal, and rock forward, knowing that we are not alone on this journey. With horns raised, we march through the quicksand, and together we make it to the other side, hell cannot hold us down. 

I hear you, I see you, and I love you,


Pre-Save/Pre-Add link in bio. Happy 24th Birthday Halestorm 8/9/97.”

The fans commented on the music, and most of them stated that it sounds very cool and that they can’t wait for the song to be released. However, her words in the caption affected her followers more than the teaser. Many people expressed their appreciation for Hale’s words and her courage to share her thoughts and support those who feel the same.