Lzzy Hale Gives Credit To KIX’s Steve Whiteman For Her Career As A Singer

Steve Whiteman started a teaching career during his time off Kix. One of his vocal students was Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale. Recently, there was a heartwarming dialogue between the two about this period. In a recent interview with Metal Edge Mag, Whiteman spoke highly of the singer, while Hale expressed her gratitude to her teacher through a post on Instagram.

“A place called Ray’s Music is where I began to teach her, and she was phenomenal,” he said, praising the natural talent of his student. “I just had to guide her and push her in the right direction. She had all the tools. She just didn’t quite know how to get that power in her voice yet, so it was about teaching her all the warmup techniques and all the resonance area techniques, and she was a sponge. She took it all in and she took it very seriously. So don’t give me credit for Lzzy Hale because she’s amazing.”

When Lzzy Hale saw this generous comment from her teacher, she thanked him by sharing the screenshot of the relevant part of the interview on her Instagram account, writing an emotional caption.

Hale’s caption reads, “What kind words from the man who forever changed my life. I was 16 when we met, and I would not be the singer I am today without you. This means the world to me Steve! Love you Always! Read the whole article in Metal Edge Magazine.”

Steve Whiteman mostly sang for Kix. However, his contributions were not limited to this in his 40-year journey with the band. He proved his talent in many instruments over the years. He played drums, percussion, harmonica, saxophone, and acoustic guitar for Kix, and most would agree he had a great talent for all of them.

In 1996, Kix was disbanded, although they would reunite in seven years. This hiatus could not stop Whiteman’s passion for music. In that period, he both formed a band called Funny Money and started teaching at the Maryland Institute of Music.

As for Lzzy Hale, she was indeed a natural. The singer, who started writing and singing songs at 14, soon founded Halestorm. Even in her early days, it was apparent what a promising talent she had. Although Hale had this talent from the beginning, she also attached great importance to training. As we see, she also had professional support for it. In a recent interview, she shared that she still continues to train her voice.