Living Colour Guitarist Vernon Reid Reacts To Yngwie Malmsteen Being Compared To The Edge


Living Colour’s guitarist, founder, and primary songwriter Vernon Reid recently responded to a follower’s tweet comparing Yngwie Malmsteen to U2’s The Edge.

In response to a tweet asking about the songs with a killer tone, Vernon Reid recently gave The Edge’s tone on ‘I Will Follow’ as an example. He then elaborated on his views by saying that that tone has an element that is present and evolving throughout the guitarist’s career. Moreover, Reid claimed The Edge’s tone is for the songs, not for himself or his ego.

Upon seeing this, one of his followers argued that The Edge’s ego is quite measured compared to other guitarists of his era. In the tweet, the Twitter user also included a picture in which Yngwie Malmsteen was described as one having ‘a big ego’ while The Edge is the one with ‘a tame ego.’

Vernon Reid then saw this tweet and decided to respond to the follower sarcastically, saying Malmsteen looks a lot more in pain in the picture, which is the only difference between the two pictures. Another one of his followers then claimed Malmsteen slams Ritchie Blackmore but worked with musicians who have played with the guitarist.

Responding to this tweet, Reid praised Malmsteen’s talent and said he is an extraordinary and impressive guitarist. He then stated Malmsteen’s prison has to be being impressive all the time. Moreover, Reid implied that Malmsteen could only disrespect Blackmore with his ‘not-so-impressive’ covers of Deep Purple songs.

One of his followers tweeted Vernon Reid the following:

“Compared to other guitarists of his time, the Edge’s ego is very measured.”

As a response, Reid said:

“Yngwie is in a lot more pain though. That’s the difference in the two photos.

Another follower then stated:

“For real, I love how Yngwie shit talks about Ritchie Blackmore then hires everyone who’s ever worked for him.”

Reid responded to this by saying:

“Yngwie is an extraordinary & impressive guitarist. Truly amazing. That he has to be ‘impressive’ all the time? Is his prison. Find me his ‘Space Truckin,’ ‘Smoke On The Water,’ ‘Highway Star,’ ‘Hush.’ Which is what he should do with regards to disrespecting Ritchie f*cking Blackmore.

You can check out the tweets below.