Liam Gallagher Says He’s Too Scared To Watch The Beatles Documentary

The Beatles documentary triggered all of their fans’ nostalgia and fan spirit after its release on Disney+. Liam Gallagher recently revealed that he is one of their fans and is afraid to watch the documentary because he knows it will be terrific.

‘The Beatles: Get Back’ was released on November 25, 2021, and it exposes the band’s experience while creating their iconic ‘Let It Be’ record. Because ‘Let It Be’ was their last album as a band, the documentary withholds a special place in their fans’ hearts. Unfortunately, after the making of the record, the Beatles disbanded, putting a full stop to their 12-year-old partnership.

The record’s making process is mainly known for its dramatic fights and feuds because the band decided to disband after its tensions. However, the documentary showed hours of footage of how much fun they had and depicted the positive side of the album’s making. It’s emotional and a bit saddening for the fans because it has the potential of being the last work the band will ever release.

Oasis’ Liam Gallagher is also a big Beatles fan, and his take on the documentary could be regarded as the sincere opinion of many fans. Like a true fan, Gallagher hasn’t watched the documentary yet because he is afraid. The musician stated that he knows it’s ‘brilliant,’ but he needs to be in a particular mental space to begin watching the series. He resembled the situation to not wanting to finish something quickly when you have the last bit left.

Here is what Liam Gallagher said about ‘Get Back’:

“I’ve not watched it yet. I’m too scared, man. I can’t. You know what you got is ‘brilliant.’ I know I got it all set up but, I’ve just, I know it’s going to blow my mind. It will do all this stuff, which is fine enough. But, I’m not ready for my mind to be blown yet, when I get a bit of time out.

When you are a kid, you get the sweets, and that’s your last sweet. You don’t wanna finish it. I’m sort of going out. I’m waiting for it because I know once it’s gone… I know I will be able to watch it again, but I have to be in the right head. It blows my mind. The whole wheels could come off. I’ve seen bits of it all over the internet.”

You can watch his full interview on Radio X below.