Liam Gallagher Cancels Upcoming Show After His Doctor’s Orders


Liam Gallagher of Oasis recently posted a tweet to announce he had to cancel his forthcoming shows on his doctors’ suggestions.

On October 1, 2021, Gallagher announced he would release a third solo album titled ‘C’mon You Know.’ He then dropped the record on May 27, 2022, after issuing four singles from the album. ‘C’mon You Know’ generally received positive views and ended up being Gallagher’s fourth solo record to top the UK Albums Chart.

On the same day as ‘C’mon You Know,’ Gallagher also released his ‘Down By The River Thames’ performance as a second solo live record. After the releases, the musician performed at Knebworth on June 3 and 4, almost 26 years after he last performed there with Oasis.

After performing at Knebworth for over 160,000 fans, Gallagher took the stage at Festival Bureaugard on July 8. However, he had to cut his set short due to vocal issues. Recently, the musician announced that doctors suggested he rest, and he was diagnosed with laryngitis.

In his recent tweet, Gallagher apologized to his fans for cutting the performance short at Festival Bureaugard, saying it made him feel disappointed. He then said he was diagnosed with laryngitis, and doctors ordered him to rest. So, Gallagher won’t perform in Cognac, France, on July 10.

Gallagher’s tweet read:

“Apologies to everyone who came out to Festival Bureaugard last night. I was so disappointed to have to cut the set short. I have been diagnosed today with laryngitis and am on Doctors’ orders to get some rest. Unfortunately, that means I have to cancel my upcoming show in Cognac.

You can check out the tweet below.