Lenny Kravitz’s Song He Dedicated To Ex-Wife Lisa Bonet

Finding a person to share life with in this world full of chaos, sadness and stress is probably the ultimate goal for many people. The term soulmate is used to describe a person who is perfectly suitable for another person—a two-piece puzzle or two halves to complete a whole. To have a partner to share life, adventures, and perhaps children are advocated as the ultimate happiness for an individual.

When one becomes lucky enough to find their soulmate, it’s easy to talk about being together forever and get used to the idea. However, it is as painful as much as it’s beautiful because this phenomenon emerges the fear of losing that person in any way. Unfortunately, there is no eternal life, everyone is mortal, and everything could end one day, including true love. Let’s see how things turned out for Lenny Kravitz and his great love Lisa Bonet.

Lenny Kravitz And His Soulmate

Lenny Kravitz met his soulmate, Lisa Bonet, backstage in 1985 at one of his concerts. After they realized they were made for each other, the couple tied the knot in 1987. They lovingly created a beautiful woman who became a popular and loved figure in the entertainment industry, Zoe Kravitz, in 1987.

Their painful separation came in 1991, and the couple divorced in 1993. The nature of their break up and then divorce is not known to be aggressive or hostile. Still, both parties seemed to be hurt for letting each other go. Lenny is loud and clear about how much he was devastated to lose his other half. As a talented musician, artist, and handsome romantic, Lenny wrote a song to reflect his feelings towards Lisa and their break up.

Lenny Kravitz’s ‘It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over’ For Lisa Bonet

In a Rolling Stone interview, Lenny Kravitz revealed that he wrote ‘It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over,’ when they separated before they divorced. He noted, “I wrote that to my ex-wife [Lisa Bonet]. We were going through our break-off, which led to a divorce.” It almost makes the reader cry to see Lenny’s reflection on his love, “We had our child and a great life together. We were sort of mirror images of each other; she was the female version of me, and I was the male version of her, and we blended together. So it was a very difficult time.”

The story of the songwriting was even more emotional. The singer said, “I remember being in a hotel room in L.A., and I had a Fender Rhodes that I’d brought up to the room. I sat in the dark, ’cause it was a very dark time for me, and played with the chords.” The dark time he went through inspired him to write the song, including its chord structure.

At the time, he thought their relationship had hope and wouldn’t be over. He continued, “All of a sudden, I came up with the chord structure, and the song came out. It was my belief that it ain’t over ’til it’s over. There’s always a chance we can pull this together and make this happen. It didn’t go that way, but that was the song.”

Their Divorce Was Very Healthy

Listening to a big love story is emotional on its own, but watching it end slowly while one of the parties had hope that they could make it brings tears down faces. Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet have had no hard feelings and maintained a grateful relationship. They talked about their feelings in a healthy way and continued to be there for each other and their daughter.

They both moved on, and while Lenny didn’t get married again, he had several girlfriends and fiancees, including the ex-Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima and the talented actress Nicole Kidman. Lisa, on the other hand, married Jason Momoa in 2017 and had two children with the famous actor. Unfortunately, that story also came to an end this year.