Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant Reveals His Last Wish He Wanted His Kids To Fulfill After He Died

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant recently shared the first episode of Digging Deep’s fourth season, in which he talked about making music and revealed that he has a lot of unreleased material which he’s not sure about releasing.

As you may already know, Robert Plant is still an active rockstar, and although he’s enjoyed a very successful solo career since the ’80s during which he released eleven albums, a couple of years ago he formed a new band named Saving Grace. In fact, the band was going to do a tour in 2020 which had to be postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

The fact that the world-famous frontman returned to the stage had really excited his fans who started speculating that he might even release a new album. However, in the recent episode of his podcast, which has been airing for three seasons, Plant said that he has some unreleased material but that he’s not planning to release anything.

The famous rockstar said that he recently decided to put his house in order and browse all the material that he has created over the past years. Plant was surprised to see that there are a lot of pieces from tours, albums, and unfinished projects that he’d not made public. Thus, he told his kids that when he passes away, they should make these materials public so that his fans can see ‘how many silly things there were down the line from 1966 to now.’

Here’s what he said in the podcast:

I started putting my house in order. All the adventures that I’ve ever had with music and tours, album releases, projects that didn’t actually get finished or whatever it is – I just put them, itemized them all, and put everything into some semblance of order. So I’ve completely changed the setup.

I’ve told the kids, when I kick the bucket, open it to the public free of charge — just to see how many silly things there were down the line from 1966 to now. It’s a journey.”

Click here for the source, here to check out Digging Deep, and listen to Rober Plant & Saving Grace’s live performance below.