Lars Ulrich Says Metallica’s Musical Roots Were In AC/DC While Recalling The Time They Shared The Stage In Moscow

In an interview with AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson‘s ‘Life on the Road’ series, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich opened up about the influence of AC/DC on their music as he shares some interesting stories about their Moscow show together.

As you may know, the lead singer of AC/DC, Brian Johnson has been welcoming iconic names in rock and roll in his show named ‘Life on the Road.’ During the show, his guests share their experiences of touring with their bands or by themselves around the world.

The latest guest of Johnson on his highly-anticipated series was Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. During the show, the two iconic musicians recalled the time they shared the stage together for a last-minute show in Moscow, Russia. Brian stated that when he heard Metallica playing ‘Enter Sandeman,’ he thought it was rock and roll. He also praised Ulrich by mentioning it was the drums that had a swing to their songs that the regular thrash metal didn’t have.

Here’s what Brian Johnson stated about Metallica and Lars’ drumming:

“You guys came on, and I said, ‘I’ve got to check these guys out.’ And I remember it started with ‘Enter Sandman,’ and I remember listening to that…

And everybody’s putting things in boxes – hard rock, thrash metal, diddly-dudley… And I remember listening to it and going, ‘That’s rock ‘n’ roll…’ It was the drums that had a swing to it that regular thrash metal didn’t have.”

Furthermore, Lars Ulrich stated that Metallica’s musical roots were much more in AC/DC, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin. The iconic drummer added that they were much more in the harder rock and roll stuff, and apparently, that’s why they just started playing their songs a little faster as they went along.

Here is what Lars Ulrich stated about AC/DC’s influence on Metallica:

“You got to remember our musical roots were much more in you guys [AC/DC], Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin… We were much more in the harder rock ‘n’ roll stuff, so we just started playing it a little faster as we went along.”

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