Lars Ulrich Reveals Which Celebrity He Would Most Like To Quarantine With

Metallica drummer and mastermind, Lars Ulrich, revealed which celebrity he would hang around during the quarantine by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

Lars talked about the interview he did back in December and mentioned that he revealed his answer during the conversation. According to Lars, he would love to spent time together with Anthony Oliver Scott, who is a journalist and cultural critic.

Scott was a chief film critic for The New York Times, and he is now also a friend of Lars. Furthermore, Lars stated that Scott he loves to hang out and talk about movies and praised his personality.

Additionally, Lars remembered that they had a conversation on Zoom before, and it is now turned into an article on the website of the New York Times. In this way, he encouraged his followers to read this interview.

Here is what Lars Ulrich wrote:

In December I was doing a year-end review piece with Rolling Stone and the writer Kory Grow asked which celebrity I would most like to quarantine with. My answer was A.O. Scott, chief film critic at the NYTimes whose writings, opinions and aesthetic I’ve been a fan of for a long time.

The morning the piece was released, I got an unexpected text with a standing invitation from the man himself that any time I was in New York, he’d love to hang out and talk film, etc.

A few weeks later the good folks at the New York Times suggested we have our first conversation over Zoom and turn it into an article which is now up on and contains excerpts from our 90-minute conversation. Crazy Fucking Cool!”

You can check out the post by clicking here.