Lars Ulrich On Metallica Beating Bruce Springsteen: ‘It’s Totally Crazy’

At the Pollstar Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, Metallica, represented by drummer Lars Ulrich, claimed the ‘Rock Tour Of The Year’ title, surpassing names like Bruce Springsteen and the Foo Fighters.

During his acceptance speech, Ulrich looked back on Metallica’s early days and the improbability of their enduring success, saying:

“Forty-two years ago, we started not too far from here. Our little rock and roll band started over in Downey. And we were outsiders, misfits, disenfranchised, trying to figure out what the f*ck was up down and sideways. I was 17; James [Hetfield, Metallica frontman] was 18. And the idea that we could win awards like this 42 years later would at that time seem so f*cking preposterous and just, like, a total mindf*ck.”

Celebrating Recognition Among Other Notable Figures

The musician then talked about being recognized alongside Springsteen and The Grateful Dead:

“To be in the same category as artists like Bruce Springsteen and The Grateful Dead and to go on a tour like we’ve just been on this year where we’ve played actually a couple nights over at SoFi [Stadium in Los Angeles], which is literally, literally down the street from where we started is totally f*cking crazy.”

Gratitude For Longevity And Relevance

Ulrich also acknowledged the sustained relevance of heavy music, adding:

“So, the fact that we’re still around and functioning, or somewhat functioning, I’m very grateful for. But the fact that hard music, heavy music is still such a force to be reckoned with, and that the fans and even the mainstream audience has embraced it over the last three or four decades is totally, totally crazy cool. So, thank you to all the fans and the industry for that.”

Metallica’s Tour Success

In 2023, Metallica’s M72 tour made $125.8 million from 1.2 million tickets sold over 19 concerts. Their biggest earning was at MetLife Stadium, where two sold-out events earned $20.8 million. The tour’s stops included several two-night performances in big European cities and a leading role at the Download festival, highlighting Metallica’s worldwide influence.

In addition to their tour success, Metallica recently added to their Grammy achievements, winning for the song ’72 Seasons,’ the lead single from their latest album. This win brings their Grammy total to 10 awards from 26 nominations.

Watch the drummer’s speech below.