Lars Ulrich Explains How Metallica Members Had Been Able To Get Over Cliff Burton’s Death

Metallica drummer and co-founder Lars Ulrich spoke in a recent interview with Brian Johnson and talked about the struggle they had after the passing of bass guitarist Cliff Burton.

As you may remember, Cliff was a member of Metallica since 1983. However, when they were touring in Sweden in 1986, the bus crashed, and unfortunately, Burton passed away at the age of 25.

In the conversation, Lars was asked how the band members overcome the death of their brothers, and Lars admitted that they couldn’t process what happened because they were too young.

While Lars was saying that the only way to get over Burton’s death was to put the blinders on and just move forward, he also mentioned that they never pushed themselves to think about they lost a family member.

Here is what Lars Ulrich said:

“We were so young that we were not able to process what had happened. And the only way that we could deal with it was to put the blinders on and just move forward and just continue.

“It was like – if we did that, we never had to slow down and think about what had happened. And we never put ourselves in a place where there was a chance that we would go, ‘Holy fuck! We just lost one of our family members, one of our brothers!’”

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