Korn’s Brian Welch Pays An Emotional Tribute To His Late Ex-Wife

Korn’s guitarist and co-founder Brian Welch lost his ex-wife Rebekah back in June from drug addiction. He recently reposted his daughter’s emotional tribute for her mom with a touching message for her 48th birthday.

The couple was battling their drug addictions the day they met each other. They had a child back in 1995 but gave her up for adoption due to their circumstances. Rebekah got pregnant again, and in 1998 she gave birth to Jennea Marie Welch. After they divorced, Welch got custody of his daughter but kept in touch with her mother.

Regardless of the problems between the couple, both Brian and Jennea loved Rebekah. Therefore, her death in June 2021 brought sadness to their home. Today, Jennea shared an Instagram post and YouTube video as a tribute to her mother and talked about her and their memories. Welch reposted her Instagram post and gave a link to the YouTube video for his followers.

In the caption, he stated that Jennea’s video says everything he wanted to say and that he will always be grateful for having her in his life. He gave the link to Jennea’s YouTube video in his bio on Instagram and wrote ‘RIP Forever to my Ex-wife Rebekah.’ He didn’t refrain from saying that he loves her and then shared his daughter’s touching words.

He reposted his daughter’s post on Instagram and stated:

“Memorial Video Link in Bio:

It’s been a difficult couple of months as my daughter Jennea Welch lost her mom, my ex-wife Rebekah, in June. I will refrain from saying too much here as Jennea Welch’s video says it all.

Rebekah, you fought as hard as you could. I am forever grateful for your life and the many amazing lives you brought into this world. I love you, RIP forever.”

His daughter’s caption stated:

“Today is my mom’s birthday, she would have been 48.

My mom passed away in June, about three months ago. I have never felt this kind of pain in my short-lived life. She was SO funny, she was badass, she was energizing. Everyone who knew her loved her, especially those who were lucky enough to see past her tough shell.

She was a product of her childhood, and the circumstances she was born into were unfathomable. But she accomplished so much despite, beat many odds, and birthed five beautiful, successful children who are continuing to break negative cycles of our family.

She did the absolute best that she could, and I will always be so proud of her. I know she was so proud of me, and that keeps me going.
Addiction is a disease, nothing less. I miss my mom.”

You can see the Instagram photos below.

Photo Credit: Brian Welch – Instagram