Klaus Meine Explains How Scorpions Took Advantage Of The Miserable Times

Scorpions’ frontman Klaus Meine recently joined Bonnie Laufer for an interview during which he claimed the band used these miserable times in the best way possible.

In August 2018, Scorpions revealed they had plans to record a new album to follow their 2015 record ‘Return To Forever.’ In 2019, Klaus Meine hinted at a new album release in 2020, but they only released a song titled ‘Sign Of Hope’ on April 28, 2020.

They then entered the studio to continue working on their new record. However, due to the pandemic and the lockdown, the recording sessions of this album were carried out remotely. On top of that, they stopped working with their producer Greg Fidelman.

For these reasons, Scorpions’ progress continued to be slow. On September 29, 2021, they announced that ‘Rock Believer’ would be the title of their nineteenth studio album. The band then set the release date as February 11, 2022, but ended up releasing it on February 22, 2022.

Speaking to Bonnie Laufer, Klaus Meine stated that Scorpions are lucky because they finished their last tour in 2020 and started writing new songs a year prior, so they used the lockdown times in their favor; by recording their new album ‘Rock Believer.’

The singer then said the band began their live shows with their Las Vegas residency, and they feel remarkable for returning to the stage. The rock star stated they spent these miserable times in the studio together and focused on their music, leaving negative things aside.

During the conversation, Meine said the following:

“I think we were very lucky that when we finished the last tour, around 2020 in Singapore, we had started writing new songs already in 2019, so we could use the time of all those lockdowns in the best way to record our new album ‘Rock Believer.’

Now it’s been released in February, and we just started with the residency in Las Vegas. So it feels like we’re back in the groove. And it feels so good. We could make the best use of these miserable days and times. In the studio, just coming together, we locked the door and left the cruel reality, COVID-19, pretty much outside the door.

We were in our bubble creating new music and thinking about hopefully we’ll be out there on the road again and playing new songs with a new production. And fortunately, it seems like with the pandemic slowing down, it seems like we’re back and coming every other day a little closer to our normal life.”

You can watch the interview below.