Kirk Hammett Auditions Lars Ulrich For A ‘Wedding Band’

Kirk Hammett recently shared a video on Instagram, accompanied by bandmates Lars Ulrich and Rob Trujillo as the trio auditioned for a ‘wedding band.’

The video showed Hammett and Ulrich jamming on Colombian singer Juanes’ recently released Signature Fender Strat, and Trujillo joined the pair with his bass.

As Metallica rockers sang Juanes’ praises and congratulated him for his collab with Fender, Kirk decided to have some fun with Ulrich and captioned his post with the following:

“When Lars auditioned for the wedding band…”

Later in the video, when their ‘audition’ ended, Lars directly looked at the camera and personally congratulated Juanes on his new guitar:

“I just wanna say one thing, we love you [Juanes]; for forty years guitar manufacturers tried to get me to flaunt their products. It took your guitar and your signature Strat [for me to play]. It took years for me to free myself to the point of sharing my guitar-playing abilities.”

The Colombian singer then also commented below Kirk’s video, sharing his gratitude for Metallica celebrating his product:

“F*ck! Jajaja, I can’t believe this! Thank you, guys, so much! This is absolutely f*cking cool! Such an honor to know you guys have my guitar. Thank you all.”

So, if you wish to take a look at what Lars can do with his rarely-seen ‘guitar-playing abilities,’ you can watch the video here.